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Cashless Module Kit - P/N: 5507

$ 59.00

[DISCLAIMER] - Seed Verizon and LTE devices have the cashless module built into the device. This is for Seed GSM devices only.

Kit includes:

  • Cashless Module (5504)
  • CBUS Cable (5503)
  • Cashless MDB Cable (5502)


  • What is it?
    • Works with a Seed GSM device and requires a bezel for cashless transactions (i.e., to take all major credit cards)
  • What do they do?
    • Allows a Seed GSM device to connect to cashless bezel for cashless transactions
  • What value do they bring to customers?
    • Brings more revenue because cashless transactions are shown to increase sales by approximately 20-30% on average